You see this face?

That face right there. You know what face that is? That’s the face you get when you say something bad about Toph Bei Fong in front of her daughter. If you ever see it for real, take a moment and take it in as much as you can.

Because it might be the last thing you ever see.

(artist unknown. Anybody know?)


So, yeah, everyone noticed the scarf Korra was wearing as a disguise. But did ANYONE stop to look at the JACKET she was wearing?

Isn’t that BOLIN’S JACKET!?

No, really, I’m asking the question. It’s looks a lot like it but it’s not spot on. What do you guys think?

EDIT: as ravenclawairbender  pointed out, it looks like Lin’s jacket as well. So, is it bolin’s? Is it Lin’s? Is it just some earthbender / earth kingdom thing? Probably the last one. Oh well. For a minuet there…


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How I wanted the season finale to go down, and my plans for what season 2 would have been:


Everything’s the same except the end. Aang doesn’t give Korra her bending back, and she doesn’t go into the avatar state (sorry!). Aang instead gives her an emotional pep talk on how, even though she’s lost almost all of her bending, she’s still the avatar and needs to remember that. He moves on to tell her that she’ll need to now spend time requiring all her bending; telling her that she needs to go to the spirit oasis at the north pole, the cave of two lovers outside Omashu, the hidden temple of the sun warriors, and finally meet and old friend of Aang’s when the time is right. He also warns her of a great danger which is to come, revealed to only us in a cut scene to the spirit world where Koh the face stealer is plotting in his lair. Makorra still happens, if it makes you all happy.

Season 2, Part 1:

Iroh and Jinora join the Krew. The first part of the season is spent convincing Tenzin to let Korra (and Jinora) go to the north pole (ep. 1). , the journey to the north pole via air ship or UF boat (shit goes down on the way, as it always did for the Gaang) (ep. 2-4), and finally Korra getting her waterbending back from the ocean and moon spirits. Yue makes a reappearance; possible Sokka mentioning. Koh reveals himself to Korra at the spirit oasis, but thanks to a timely warning from Aang, everyone remains attached to their face. Because he’s too weak to enter the mortal world at this time, Koh is defeated (With help from Yue and AVATAR STATE YIP YIP!!) and slinks back to the spirit world to continue his plotting.(ep. 5) 

Season 2, part 2:

Korra now travels to Omashu. Shit continues to go down; the journey is not smooth. Yay action!  (ep. 6-7). Korra finds the cave of two lovers and enters, but at some point everyone gets separated (weather by accident or cave-in) BUT NOT THE WAY YOU THINK. Those who are in a relationship at the moment (Who knows, it’s impossible to tell) are split up. Shipping is mentioned, but only talked about. If Makorra is still going on, Korra and Asami or Mako and Asami talk about what happened and make up, being friends again (yay Asami!) (ep. 8) Korra finds, at the centre of the cave, the tomb of the two lovers, and soon the badgermoles appear. At first they seem like they’re really pissed at Korra. There’s a lot of them, and shit is about to go down. All of a sudden, Korra hits Avatar state. No action; just that the Badgermoles see the glowing and bow to her, then teach her earthbending. Koh is referenced. Everyone is reunited by the end of the episode. (ep. 9)

Season 2, Part 3:

Korra travels to the western air temple. Again, hard times a-travelling. (ep. 10-11) She searches for the temple of the Sun Warriors in the area, and finds it. Aang warns her to go alone, and only alone, as the sun warriors don’t take kindly to strangers. Assuming she’s still with Mako, she ignores him and brings Mako with her. (ep. 12) Sun warriors find them, and through a lot of explaining, Korra convinces them that she is indeed the avatar. The sun Warriors haven’t changed much. They show Korra and Mako to the hall of the dancing dragons, where they learn the dance they need to appease the masters. They tell Korra the story of how their culture made Aang and Zuko carry fire up the mountain when all they had to do was the dance. Korra and Mako do the dance on the mountain, and the masters are pleased. Just as they are about to give Korra firebending (and, you know, make Mako better at it,) BAM HOLY CRAP KOH SHOWS UP!! (ep. 13) He’s a lot more powerful this time, and Korra needs the help of both the masters and the Avatar state to defeat him. One of the masters is mortally wounded in the battle, but before he/she dies, they both give the gift of firebending! One dragon dies, and the other does as well. The thought of being the last of it’s species was too much. The sun warriors show Korra that not all is lost - as the masters had a nest of dozens of eggs which will soon be ready to hatch! (ep.14)

Season 2, part 3:

Korra has no idea where to go, so she heads back to republic city. Yeah, journey not smooth and adventures and shit.  (ep. 14-15). Upon arriving, they  notice what’s all over the radios - a mysterious island has appeared next to the Avatar Aang memorial Island. Korra, being the avatar, decides to investigate. She discovers that this is the lion turtle from back in TLA, who gives her the gift of spirit/energy bending. End of the episode involves a violent crushing of Aang’s statue by Koh, who now appears in full power from the temple at the base of the statue. (ep. 16). Korra’s at a loss.  She’s on the run again, from Koh’s faceless minions. She goes underground , into the sewers and meets back up with the homeless network. She discovers that she can give people their bending back using energy bending, and proceeds to do so to everyone who still has a face. (ep. 17) Korra soon discovers that, even with all the benders having their bending back, she doesn’t have an army big enough to attempt a takedown of Koh. She gets all emotional. Filler-ish episode, a lot of shipping, a bit of crying, a lot of feels for the fandom. When it seems all hope is lost, Korra discovers a second part of the Spiritbending gift - she can now give bending to those who never had it before. (ep. 18). With this newfound ability, Korra creates an army under Republic City - A powerful army full of all 4 types of benders. All hell breaks loose as Korra initiates an attack to take back Republic city from Koh’s grip, reminding everyone to keep their faces emotionless even in the heat of battle. Avatar state carnage. everyone looks funny during the battle because no one can show emotion - makes it look really dramatic and whatnot. Looks like they’re gonna lose, but they don’t. You know the drill. Season finale here. (ep. 18-19, maybe 20.)

Anyone like it? I could write a fanfiction of it, if enough people are interested…


Hopes Vs Reality


Whelp, about 24 hours before the finale, so, perfect time for this.

What I want to happen on the Korra season finale:
1. Bolin kicking mechanized ass on his own.
2. Asami stays on Team Avatar, despite Mako being a twat, remaining a good, strong non-bender character.
3. Mako apologizes to Asami, takes responsibility for his actions, and seeks help for his Korra-centered bipolar disorder.
4. Korra and Mako realize they are not right for each other.
5. Defeating Amon doesn’t just automatically fix all the problems.

What will probably happen(because TV hates me):
Bolin immediately gets captured without a fight, and Asami turns to the Dark Side. Meanwhile, Korra and Mako defeat Amon by making out for 20 minutes, and their loving love love of love cures all the people who had their bending taken away.

I love that list.



You know what would make my life?

If Lin was fighting the Lieutenant with a sword.

A black sword.

And when Bolin/Korra/Mako/Asami asked where she got it

She smiled

And said

“Family heirloom.”

And then threw a boomerang at a mecha-tank, breaking the glass, smacking the driver in the head, and coming back to Lin’s waiting hand.

Headcannon accepted DEMANDED


Is it ok if…

I looked for a water tribe betrothal necklace around toph’s neck when we first saw the flashbacks

And then was sad when I saw it wasn’t there?

But it’s ok tokkaneers.  She obviously wouldn’t wear that with her uniform - it would look unprofessional. And the chief of police can’t look unprofessional.


You know you're an Avatard when... (add your url and your's to the chat and let's see how many Avatards are out there!)

  • xthephoenixqueen: I have reocurring dreams about going to Amon's house and taking his poptarts .
  • borralove: When I can't stop bringing up Tokka and Borra at school in life situations.
  • saintbennithy: When you're bored in class, and you look around the room and mentally assign everyone in the class their nation, whether they could bend or not, and what their job would be, all based on their personality.
  • masterarrowhead: When you can recognize all the character music themes and quote all the episodes while watching or even without watching it.
  • Howrra: When you try to explain what it's like to be this emotionally invested in something fictional, but all that comes out are inhuman noises
  • korralicious: When you quote atla and lok regulary in daily conversation and everyone thinks you're all thoughtful but really you just memorized lines from a children's television show
  • becausetahno: When it's actually a daily struggle for you not being a bender.
  • Panthersprite: FEELS
  • Ironinkpen: When you carry a writing notebook and your friends ask you what you're doing and you're awkwardly forced to explain both the concepts of fanfiction AND Avatar to them.
  • ShadowDemon101: When you can't stop making OCs for yourself and wonder how said OC would act if they were ever in the show, enemy or otherwise.
  • Memyselfnme: When you try expressing your feels to your non-Tumblr friends and you scare them away from the show, then come straight back here.
  • Cartoonanimegirl: You know every bit of the show and what's happened so far, EVEN THOUGH you have not watched passed episode 1.
  • espeonsweetie: When you can't stop screaming about the show and ships with your best friend
  • Rat2rrj: when you fall in love with the characters even through an open mind.
  • Taidoworld: When you do what saintbennithy said and when your dreams involve you befriended Team Avatar.
  • therealdutchy: When you've tried bending moves in real life. Just in case.
Amon’s origins?

Amon’s origins?

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